Infrastructure Detail
Land Area  


Built – up Area  


Type of Reactors  

Glass Lined Reactor
Stainless Steel Reactor
MS Brick Line Reactor
MS Rubber Line Reactor

Total Reactor Capacity   200000 Liters
Size of Reactor   1.5KL to 10KL
Reactor Pressure   6kg
Columns   Glass & Stainless Steel columns
Filters   PP Nutsche Filter, PP Press Filter, Sparkles, Centrifuges, Send & Carbon Filter
Reaction Temperature   10°C to 250°C
Dryers   Trey Dryers, Micro Pulverizes, RVD
Boilers Steam   3000 K.Cal
Thermic Flude   6000 K.Cal
Water Softening Plan  

3000Liters per day

Chilling Plant   40 TR (-15 Temp)
Cooling Tower   600 TR
Air Compressors   7.5 & 5HP
Electric Supply    
In House Power Generator
Analytical Instruments
  • Gas Chromatograph & HPLC
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Moisture Testing Apparatus
  • UV Chamber
  • Electronic Waying Balance
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Titration Apparatus
  • Oven
Zero Discharge Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Primary Treatment Plant - 42000 Liters per day
  • PP Filter Press - 42plates
  • Scrubber Sets - HCL & Chlorine Gas
  • Stainless Steel Evaporator - 5000 Liters per day
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