Chemclone quality consists in satisfying its clients’ needs by fulfilling their expectation and contractual commitments.The company is involved in permanent efforts to achieve continuous improvements in products, manufacturing, and sales.

The objectives are to make our procedures as efficient and risk free as possible.The quality management system applied for the production and commercialization of Dichlone, Bromide Derivatives and Specialist Chemicals, Quaternary Ammonium Quats, Quaternary PhosphoniumQuats, API & API intermediate is certified to meet requirements according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, BSOHSAS18001:2007.

In order to ensure the efficiency and safety of our process, and our client’s satisfaction, Chemclone’s quality policy is based on four main objectives.Client’s satisfaction, through effective service and fulfillment of quality standards.Continuous quality improvement through the implementation of control procedures and mechanism.

Operational excellence in all the activities involved in the value chain. Effective training and instruction, within the organization and for contractors that provide services.

Quality Policy
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