About ChemClone Industries

What we focus

We work on a wide range of Chemical projects
The foundation of Chemclone Industries has laid in 1991 and since then, it has been expanding in the field of manufacturing. As the name CHEMCLONE suggests, Chem from Chemistry - because we are in the chemical domain and Clone from our value-added product Dichlone, and it’s become a Chemclone Industries. We are pioneer and India’s largest manufacturer of BROMIDE derivatives, SPECIALITY chemicals, Quaternary Ammonium Salts, Quaternary Phosphonium Salts, API & API intermediates. We have our own 5 manufacturing site based in Gujarat and have separate EXIM division namely RONIT ENTERPRISE Chemclone Industries shares excellent relationship with major manufacturers, End users and trading companies in the field of BULK DRUGS, DYES & INTERMEDIATES, Agro Industries, food processing, Industrial Chemical, Ink & Paints, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, etc. & etc.