At ChemClone our undertaking is to supply predictable quality item and outperform client assumptions. Both our locales are confirmed under the ISO 9001 Quality The executives System. Our documentation framework is moreover according to ICH-Q7A rules as applied for intermediates. At ChemClone we have a free QA group that reports straightforwardly to the Top Management and are liable for the documentation and information control and furthermore for the arrival of clusters available to be purchased. The QA group additionally arranges regular inward and outside reviews. Both our locales have been approved and evaluated by numerous clients from the Pharmaceutical business from India Europe and Japan. We have likewise been evaluated by a few enormous Agrochemical organizations from everywhere the world. Our Quality Control labs work nonstop and are enough furnished with logical gear like GC, HPLC, UV Spectrophotometer KF Moisture Analysers, and so forth Scientific gear are additionally added according to explicit client needs.